Are You Prepared? December 2016

ChurchPastor's Blog


Advent Season has begun! It is the beginning of the church year, and it is the season of hope and preparation before Christ’s coming. We normally look at it as the season leading up to Christmas when we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. But it is also a season to prepare us for the day when Christ comes again. So it means that this is a time of preparing our hearts for eternal things, which is more important than just shopping and decorating and preparing to celebrate a special day.

Make sure that as the days lead up to Christmas that you and your family take time to really reflect on the true meaning of this season. It is so easy to get caught up in the consumerism and secular aspects of this time of the year that we miss what is really important — the gift of Jesus Christ coming to a hurting and lost world.

Our first responsibility is to make sure that we are prepared spiritually to truly experience the Lord in this sacred season. It is important to remember that how we approach the season and what our priorities are can have a big impact on others as they watch our witness. We also need to be intentional in inviting others to recognize the real importance of the season – Jesus Christ. It is a great time to invite others to hear the Choir Christmas Cantata or be a part of the Blue Christmas Service or join us for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. In doing so, you may give someone the greatest gift ever, an eternal one. May it be a glorious time for you and those you love as you prepare for the Lord!

Keva GreenBlessings and Peace be with you,

Dr. Keva Green
[email protected]