What is Lent? - So what is Lent?  Simply put, it is a time of spiritual preparation. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and goes until the day before Easter. The word lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lencten, which means ‘spring’ and also relates to the number 40. Lent is the 40 days of preparation for Easter. Forty is a significant number throughout the Read More
Hospitality to the Stranger -   Earlier this week I was doing my Life Journal Bible Study and trying to listen for God. I was struck by one of the passages that I read that morning.  It was the last chapter in Acts – Chapter 28. It is right after the ship, which the Apostle Paul was on, had wrecked in the storm. All of Read More
manger Are You Prepared? December 2016 - Advent Season has begun! It is the beginning of the church year, and it is the season of hope and preparation before Christ’s coming. We normally look at it as the season leading up to Christmas when we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. But it is also a season to prepare us for the day when Christ comes again. So it Read More
Welcome Welcome to First United Methodist Church Henrietta! - Welcome to ! I am so happy that YOU ended up on our website today! I hope that YOU find what you are looking for here and that we get to see you on a Sunday soon! Please know that you are NEVER required to know anything or do anything or be perfect or anything like that to attend this Read More
John Wesley Wisdom from John Wesley: October 2016 - We are midway through the seven-week sermon series where we are looking at our history as a Methodist Church. We have been using Adam Hamilton’s book Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It. John Wesley was the founder of Methodism, though he never intended to start a new denomination. He gave his heart completely to the Lord and God used him Read More