Dr. Keva Green

Dr. Keva Green

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The greatest joy in my life is knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I know that sounds like the typical answer of what you would expect a pastor to say, but it truly is such an amazing thing to realize how much God loves us and that he loved us enough to put on flesh and come to this world to live a perfect life and to die for us. And it doesn’t end there. Because of Jesus’ resurrection and his promise, he is always with us. How awesome that is to realize that there is absolutely nothing that we face in this life that we have to go through on our own. Instead, he is always with us and will guide us, if we listen.

Actually, I was in the business world and had a fabulous career in the telecommunications area when, through some startling events, I became aware of how active God is in our lives and how he “speaks” to us and leads us. Immediately I could not imagine anything more important for me in my life than to be spending my time following the Lord into fulltime ministry so that I could share that Good News message with others.

I love praying and studying scripture so that I can grow closer to the Lord. And it is such a delight to share what I am learning with others. I truly enjoy preaching and teaching and just visiting one-on-one with others about what is going on in their lives.

Since I have found a peace and joy in knowing Christ in my life, then the most painful thing is to watch others who are struggling with life when I know that if they just came to know the Lord and trusted Him that he would make a difference for them as well. Life on earth is too short to miss all the blessings that God has in store for us and eternity is too long to miss the opportunity to enjoy it with God. If there is any way that I can help others to open their eyes to who God truly is and to grow closer to Him, then I want to make sure that they experience it all. Certainly, not that I have achieved all there is or know everything there is to know about God, but what I have experienced is so wonderful that I do not want anyone missing out. I would be delighted to visit with or help anyone who wants to experience more of God.